Affordable dental implants abroad, myths and reality.

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Affordable dental implants abroad, myths and reality.

Going aboard to dental treatments, could be sometimes a difficult choice. Normally people thought that affordable prices are related to low quality. Is very common to found thoughts, like they don´t use good quality materials, or they are not well qualified either or many people consider that could be a horrible experience due the different language. But that’s thoughts are wrong.

Why?? Here in STAR Dental Implant Center, we count with our Lead Clinician Dr. Carlos Sevilla, he holds a specialty in prosthodontics from Texas A&M’s Baylor College of Dentistry where he was an Assistant Professor, and active in Baylor’s Maxilofacial Prosthodontics Center, sounds good, uh? All of our treatments are ADA (American Dental Association approved), and all our materials are FDA approved, but how this is possible? And why dentistry is cheap aboard, is necessary to take in count some factors as the materials, laboratory costs, lower dentist charges or wages and Insurance. For example, we use several brands of implants as (Bio Horizons, Zimmer and Nobel Biocare) is the same implant, manufactured in US, but cheaper than US, how this could happen?

They are several factors that’s explains the affordable prices aboard:

  • The Real Estate here in Costa Rica is cheaper.

The real estate cost in Costa Rica is lower than US, this can affect dental bills indirectly, rents are expenses that somehow need to be billed.

  • Dental Education is affordable in Costa Rica.

American dental students have a hard time paying their students loans, the estimated tuition per year could be around 40K. This is four years plus all the dental equipment and material necessary to buy. In Costa Rica education has the same level of knowledge compared to America but the fees are cheaper. The total cost of dental school could be around 20k average.

  • Dental Wages in Costa Rica are lower.

Dentist and the dental office staff in Costa Rica receive a lower income compare to the salaries in North America, since salaries in Costa Rica are inferior for the population in general, dental fees are lower to all the patients.

Costa Rican dentist or any dental specialist in Costa Rica could win a third every year compared to dentist in North America. But they are not uneducated, probably they will own the same skills, sometimes even more if they combined the Costa Rica practicing with US trained, they become more experimented in difficult cases. As Dr Sevilla that spends 5 yrs doing his residency in Baylor College, working more than 14 years in the industry.

  • Dental laboratories are cheaper.

All materials used in the dental industry in Costa Rica are imported, due Costa Rica doesn’t produce dental materials. Therefore, all equipment and materials are imported but the labor hand cost less, the wages are lower in dental laboratories using the same quality, so this affects the final costs of the restorations.

  • Insurance in Costa Rica

You can go to any clinic or hospital as long you can pay, if you cannot afford it, you can access to public governments clinic or hospital. Either way, there is not an obligatory insurance for the institutions, medical centers or even for patients. This is one of the main reasons why dental procedures cost less in Costa Rica.

When you need a dentist in Costa Rica, you will find many affordable options. Please inform yourself reading reviews and checking photos of before and after,  before you make a decision. If you want to start the journey to smile again,  STAR Dental Implant Center  is waiting for you. Call us now 1-866-828-2871.