Affordable Dental Implants Abroad: Myths vs. Reality!

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Affordable Dental Implants Abroad: Myths vs. Reality!

Going abroad for dental treatments can sometimes be a difficult choice. Normally people think that affordable prices are related to low quality. It is very common to wonder: do they use high-quality materials? Are they qualified? Do they speak my language?

At STAR Dental Implant Center in Costa Rica, we definitely speak your language. Our lead clinician, Dr. Carlos Sevilla, holds a specialty in prosthodontics from Texas A&M’s Baylor College of Dentistry, where he was an Assistant Professor. In fact, he is still active in Baylor’s Maxillofacial Prosthodontics Center to this day. Additionally, all of our treatments are ADA (American Dental Association) and FDA-approved.

So why is dentistry so cheap abroad?

There are several factors that explain the affordable prices aboard:

  • Real estate in Costa Rica is less expensive.

The real estate cost in Costa Rica is lower than in the U.S. This can affect dental bills indirectly, as rent is an expense for the dentist.

  • Dental education is affordable in Costa Rica.

American dental students have a hard time paying their student loans. The estimated tuition per year in America is around $40,000. In Costa Rica, dentists receive the same caliber of education, but their tuition is far lower. The total cost of dental school is around $20,000 on average.

  • Wages in Costa Rica are lower.

Dentists and dental office staff in Costa Rica receive a lower income than North Americans since the cost of living in Costa Rica is lower overall.

Costa Rican dentists or any dental specialist in Costa Rica might bring home a third of the wages dentists in North America might bring home every year. But they are not uneducated. They will most likely have an identical skill set to an American dentist, sometimes even greater if they combined their Costa Rica practice with U.S. training. They often become more experienced in difficult cases.

  • Dental laboratories are cheaper.

All materials used in the dental industry in Costa Rica are imported, as Costa Rica doesn’t produce dental materials. However, the labor cost is less, as these materials do not have to be created in Costa Rican facilities.

  • Insurance in Costa Rica.

You can go to any clinic or hospital as long you can pay. If you cannot afford it, you can access a public governmental clinic or hospital. Either way, insurance is not obligatory for any institution. This is one of the main reasons why dental procedures cost less in Costa Rica.

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