Affordable Implants & Expert Concierge Service from Star Dental Implant Center

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Affordable Implants & Expert Concierge Service from Star Dental Implant Center

You can save a significant sum of money by visiting a dentist in Costa Rica for your dental implants, a country named by CNBC as one of the top destinations for dental tourism in Latin America. Thousands of Americans are already making good use of affordable dental care outside the United States, but not everyone is taking advantage of Costa Rica’s premier dental tourist concierge service. This unique approach to taking care of international dental patients has been honed over several years, and I am here to explain everything you need to know about it.

My name is Dr. Carlos Sevilla, an experienced prosthodontist working in the Costa Rican capital of San José. I studied my profession in the United States, at the Baylor College of Dentistry, and completed a Masters of Science in Oral Biology with Texas A&M University. My expertise led me to teach as a professor of postgraduate prosthodontics at the University of Costa Rica, and I also treat patients at the Star Dental Implant Center.
Located within the prestigious JCI-accredited CIMA Hospital San José, Star Dental Implant Center specializes in providing US-quality dental implants at a price only available in Costa Rica.

Our aim is to make the entire process of having dental implants away from home as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible. That is why we have developed a complete concierge service to assist you with all the little things that come with traveling abroad for dental care.

Take Advantage of Our Star Concierge Service with Your Dental Implant Treatment Visiting a foreign country for dental implants requires some forward planning, no matter where you decide to have your treatment. You need to arrange accommodation, book flights, figure out transfers from and back to the airport, but really that is just the start. What about reserving tables at restaurants for dinner, finding out what entertainment is available each evening, or where the best spots for shopping are? All this is taken care of by the Star Concierge Service at Star Dental Implant Center, and every single one of our international dental implant patients can take
advantage of this service.

Implants for Improved Dental Health and Restoring Your Smile For Americans seeking affordable dental implants, Costa Rica is an easy-to-reach destination, and you can expect a high standard of care at the Star Dental Implant Center. We use Bio Horizons implants, a leading US dental implant brand, and our patients also benefit from computer-guided implant surgery. Our aim is to restore proper function to your mouth, strengthen your dental structure, and also save your smile with dental implants.

While single dental implants do a great job of filling in gaps left by lost teeth, an All-on-4 is an excellent option for edentulous patients and people who currently wear removable dentures. This procedure achieves a complete mouth restoration with the placement of just four implants. A full
arch of false teeth (crowns) are attached to these four implants, and this treatment can be carried out on both your top and bottom jaw. An All-on-4 enables you to chew and speak properly again, and are much more effective than removable dentures because they will not become loose.

Save Thousands on Dental Implants in Costa Rica Compared to the United States One of the best ways to save money on dental work is by traveling to Costa Rica for treatment, and let me tell you just how much cash you can save. The average price for an All-on-4 in the United States currently stands at roughly $26,000, whereas the average All-on-4 price in Costa Rica comes to just $10,500. You stand to make a saving of over $15,000 on an All-on-4, and all you need to do is travel to San José for the procedure.

The Complete Costa Rican Dental Implant Package at Star Dental Implant Center When you choose Star Dental Implant Center for your dental implants, you will not only receive expert care from myself but also the assistance of my colleagues who have also studied and worked in America. We are all committed to providing a service you can trust, by being transparent and honest about every detail of your dental implant treatment. With the assistance of our Star Concierge Service, all the small details that make for a pleasant stay in Costa Rica will be taken care of as well. To get an idea of what it is like to visit us for dental implant treatment, read a few of the 80 past patients reviews published on our clinic page.

Arranging a date to start your treatment is simple with Dental Departures: you can use the online appointment scheduler anytime day or night. If you would prefer to speak with someone over the phone, a member of the Customer Care Team will happily answer any questions you have and talk you through the booking process. I hope to help you smile with confidence again soon!

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