Dental Crowns

Crowns are complete covers to our natural teeth. Its a great esthetic procedure to improve your smile. They can restore your smile esthtically and all its functions.

A dental crown is a prosthetic treatment which helps to reestablish the shape and look of a tooth, this can be modified according to the patients needs and wants; meaning making them longer, shorter, thicker or thinner.

They are also called ¨caps¨.

It acts as a protector for the tooth, thereby shaping its new external surface this eliminate sensitivness as your natural teeth, will be covered.

Dental Crown
Dental Crown

We have the following options of materials available to complete your smile makeover:

– Metal Porcelain Crown

– Zirconium Crown

– E-max Crown

– Pure Porcelain Crown

The final crown placed on top of your natural tooth is created so that it looks and feels like your original tooth.

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