Star Dental Implants

Here’s what you need to know


Most of the patients we see at Star Dental need a combination of low cost dental implants and crowns in order to replace a damaged or missing natural tooth with a new fixed tooth that looks great and feels natural. Affordable Dental Implants and Crowns have the advantage of allowing you to eat all your favorite foods because unlike dentures they are fixed to your bone and won’t move while you chew.

The two most common ways to use implants and crowns are:

1. Implant Crown and Abutment

This treatment is mainly used for replacing single teeth or replacing multiple teeth in a row (known as a ‘bridge’). The ‘implant’ is the anchor and is placed into the jaw by our surgeon. The implant is then fitted with an ‘abutment’ which connects the implant to the ‘crown’ (a custom-made tooth replacement). The final result is a fixed crown that looks and feels like your original tooth.

2. All-On-Four and All-On-Six "Hybrids"

All On 4 is a very popular treatment for patients that have no teeth or are about to lose the majority of their teeth. The 4 and 6 refers to the number of implants that hold the new teeth in place. Once the implants are placed by the surgeon, a titanium bar is used to attach a fixed denture to the implants. This treatment method enables a full set of teeth is fixed securely to the implants giving amazing results permanently.