How building a house is comparable to placing dental implants?

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How building a house is comparable to placing dental implants?

When choosing someone to build your home, it is completely normal and highly usual to not only research several options but inquire about their previous work. Same happens when you are choosing for a specialist to place your dental implants. We encourage you to choose a specialist, one with not only education specialized in the field but additionally with experience.

Once you have chosen on a specialist then you would begin your dental work.

Before we begin, just as we would a construction site, we would need to evaluate your bone structure, its density and other variables prior to working on the area. We would evaluate you with a CBCT, Panoramic x-ray and a clinical evaluation.

When you begin building your home, first you would need to prepare the construction site and its foundation. This first step is of the upmost importance; this will create the bases of your final results. With your dental implants, the first step would be preparing the area, meaning removing your natural teeth, clearing the area and during this process the doctor will clean the area, removing bacterial infection if present. If necessary, the specialist will place bone graft to ensure that the implants can be placed properly.

Afterwards, we would continue with the laying of the needed foundations. These foundations when building will help hold the structure of your house, in dental treatments such as dental implants and all on 4, the foundations would be the placing of your dental implants. The foundations are always placed underneath ground. This happens the same with dental implant. Dental Implants are placed in your bone structure, underneath your gum line. They will not be seen, if not with an x-ray.

Dental implants after placed go through a process with your bone, just as cement would with your foundations. This process is called Osseo integration. It’s when your bone and your dental implants fuse together. This usually takes around 6 months. However, don’t worry you will never be toothless. We would always create teeth for you to have.

After these steps have been completed we are able to place your final teeth on top. Your new beautiful smile will be permanently placed in, meaning non removable. This last step is the one that everyone will see, be astonished by and compliment. Once you have completed your needed All on 4 procedures with us you will be learning how to smile and showing your friends and family your amazing new look in no time.

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