How to Choose a Clinic

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How to Choose a Clinic

You need dental work. You have known that you need it for a long time, but you have postponed it because, let’s face it, this is a huge undertaking.  You cannot put it off any longer. You’re in pain or feel embarrassed to smile. You feel pressured to get this done quickly.  As time passes, you become more and more anxious to get the process going. You want results. You also don’t want to break the bank while doing it. At this point,  you are overwhelmed by it all.  This is when you want to proceed with caution.

How do I choose a clinic? How do I know the dentist is any good? What materials do they use? How up-to-date is their technology? These are all valid questions you may ask yourself. In fact, these ARE the questions you should ask yourself!



Where did the doctor go to school? How many years has he or she been practicing? Most importantly, are they a specialist in their field? How do you corroborate this information?  In Costa Rica, you can check if your doctor is licensed and his or her specialty at Colegio de Cirujanos Dentistas de Costa Rica, which translates into the National College of Dental Surgeons. All licensed dentists must be registered in order to practice. You can find your dentist by name, specialty, or code number.

Whether or not your dentist is a specialist in their field will reflect on the treatment cost, because of course, it is not the same to have a specialist in the field do the job as a general dentist.

Treatments Offered

Ideally, you will find a dental practice that specializes in the treatment you are seeking. This means that they are more experienced and know all the ins and outs when it comes to the procedure. Also, it is more likely that they wil alreadyl have all the materials required for your procedure.

Dental Technology

So you have chosen the best dental surgeon, but is he or she equipped with the best technology to ensure that your treatment is successful? What kind of materials are they using in your mouth? Where are they fabricated? Are there spare parts readily available in case you should need one? What quality is being used?

Patient Comforts

The ability to be worry-free, relaxed, and content during dental tourism is worth gold! Not to worry about coming and going, to have transportation available, concierge services to meet your every demand is priceless. Imagine avoiding looking into tons of hotels and trying to figure out how far or near they are from your appointments. Imagine getting insider tips and recommendations for do’s and don’ts while touring the country. What about pain? Does your dental practice offer IV sedation or other pain relievers that will make you comfortable during and after the procedure?

And last but not least…


If you are looking into traveling out of your country for dental tourism, it is certainly because you are a smart shopper. Just because you want to pay less doesn’t mean you want to be cheap. You want fair pricing. The connotation of the word “cheap” is bad— cheap means you are not getting quality treatments done. The cost of treatment is directly associated with its value. 

You want affordable quality treatment at a fair price, and you can get it by contacting STAR Dental Implant Center’s patient coordinator at 1-866-828-2871 today.