Top Three BEST Hotels for STAR Dental Implant Center Patients

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Top Three BEST Hotels for STAR Dental Implant Center Patients

When traveling in another country, it is sometimes difficult to sort out what hotel will give you the most bang for your buck– or what is the best choice for your colón! The three hotels listed here come highly recommended by us at STAR Dental Implant Center so that you can feel confident as you book your stay.

With excellent reviews on Trivago and positive feedback from previous patients, your stay at Ester’s Place, the Escazu Holiday Inn, or Villas del Rio will be a positive one.

Ester’s Place

Owned and run by a Costa Rican, Ester’s Place is a guest house located in a very safe neighborhood, in close proximity to the city center and near many shops and malls.

One of the most appealing things about Ester’s Place is that being a guesthouse, the rooms are for individual use while the kitchen and central living spaces are communal. Previous guests have often mentioned how easy it was to meet all sorts of interesting people with this communal living style. 

The owner, Ester, is frequently described in reviews as friendly and relaxed, and for those nervous about speaking Spanish, you will be comforted to know that she speaks English very well! You will feel welcome when staying at Ester’s Place.

Hotel Villas del Rio

For those looking for a family-friendly hotel, Villas del Rio is the place to go. Not only does it include a children’s playground, but it is pet-friendly and holds two swimming pools! Some additional amenities include free breakfast, laundry service, and WiFi routers for each individual room. Reviews on Trivago and similar sites frequently mention the cleanliness and spaciousness of each room, as well as the friendly, accommodating staff.

Hotel Villas del Rio is a ten-minute drive away from STAR Dental Implant Center’s clinic.

Escazu Holiday Inn

Those looking for an American-style hotel will be pleased to discover that there is a Holiday Inn conveniently located in Escazu, within walking distance of many locations frequented by tourists. The adjacent dining locations are described as “fantastic” by one reviewer, and for those who prefer to stay in, room service, free breakfast, and a restaurant are provided. 

Also provided are two swimming pools, a salon, and a fitness center.

As an added bonus for all those looking to become patients, STAR Dental Implant Center has negotiated special rates with Ester’s Place, Hotel Villas del Rio, and the Escazu-San José Holiday Inn for those who work with us. Although the prices for nightly stays are already shockingly low to anybody used to dealing with United States hotel prices, we are proud to be able to provide you with even lower rates when you travel to Costa Rica for your dental procedure.

That’s something to smile about… and you can wear that smile with confidence, with the help of our doctors at STAR Dental Implant Center in Costa Rica!