Upcoming Holidays in Costa Rica

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Upcoming Holidays in Costa Rica

Yesterday, November 2, was Dia de Los Inocents (All Souls Day, in English) in Costa Rica. While you may have heard of other Latin American countries’ celebrations, with parades and other festivities, Costa Rica’s All Souls Day is more subdued. Costa Ricans remember the deceased by visiting the gravesites of their loved ones and decorating them with lavish flowers and candles, as well as by going to church and offering prayers.

While many people think Dia de Los Inocents is the equivalent of Halloween, this is not the case– in Latin America, All Souls Day is a celebration of life, love, and respect for their ancestors.

Dia de Los Inocents is only one of the many holidays that Costa Rica celebrates annually. In December, Costa Rica’s month-long Christmas festivities will begin, starting with Festival de las Luces (Festival of Lights) which includes an impressive display of fireworks, live concerts, and of course– lights! 

Throughout the country, Christmas celebrations continue over the course of December. Various holidays for the Virgin Saints are held in Boruca, San Antonio de Belen, and Nicoya; a national horse parade called El Tope Nacional is held in San Jose; multiple spectacular carnivals take place, also in San Jose; and Los Diablitos Festival, a fireside reenactment of Spanish-indigenous battles using traditional masks and mood music, is held in Boruca.

New Year’s Day is then celebrated on January 1st, similarly to the United States– fireworks and street parties, with emphasis on music, dancing, and food. 

In the first week of February, there is San Isidro del General Fiestas, an agricultural fair featuring flower shows, bullfighting, and livestock competitions, held in San Jose; Mardi Gras is held in Esterillos mid-February, celebrated with music, parades, carnival, street food, and various children’s games. The Sun Festival is then held in the last week of February in celebration of the Mayan New Year on February 25th, culminating in a fire ceremony.

With so many exciting holidays coming up in the next few months, who wouldn’t want to visit Costa Rica and experience some of these traditions themselves? On top of getting to learn more about another culture, visiting Costa Rica can also get your dental work accomplished.

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