Wearing a removable denture; time to choose implants.

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Wearing a removable denture; time to choose implants.

The gold standard treatment in the past, if you were an edentulous (or toothless) patient, was to rehabilitate patients with removable dentures. In the last decade, dentists have developed a technique that can completely restore an edentulous patient’s smile. This procedure uses four implants or more for a full arch replacement.

Using removable dentures could cause some dental problems:

  • The bone level tends to decrease due the lack of stimulation; thus make choosing implants a harder option. So it’s important to choose dental implants as first option of dental rehabilitation.
  • Sometimes removable dentures could not fit properly, can fall at any time. So be sure that a prosthodontist it´s treating you. To minimize this risk.
  • Dentures are a quite difficult to adapt, so it could cause some issues at the first as problems with chewing, difficulties with the communication and sores on the mucosa.

People is not consent, that if the bone haven’t stimulation, the bone loss will be faster. Considering those factors implants are more desirable in means of treatment.

Here are some benefits of choosing dental implants.

Combining dentures with dental implants produces a tooth replacement system with many advantages over standard dentures.

  • Improved functionality and appearance. Losing teeth and bone will impact in some nearby structures and will affect facial appearance and functionality. Implants will reduce the bone loss and will preserve the structural integrity of the jaw.
  • Permanent solution. Implant dentures offer a permanent solution to tooth loss because the implants become part of your jaw.
  • Clearer speech. Poorly-fitting dentures can slip within the mouth, causing you to mumble or slur your words. Implant overdentures impact positively on speech ability.
  • Implant-retained dentures are often more cost effective compared with getting individual implants throughout the mouth

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