When is the best time to visit Costa Rica for dental tourism?

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When is the best time to visit Costa Rica for dental tourism?

In 2017, it was reported that 40% of the total number of tourists that visited Costa Rica for medical tourism came seeking dental treatments.  Let’s assume that you have done your research, chosen the specialist who will best fit your needs, and you are ready to book your flight.

There is a lot to take into consideration. Perhaps you only want to fly in and fly out for a quick treatment. Maybe your treatment takes a little longer, and you find yourself with a few spare days between appointments. Some patients may want to make the most of their time here and turn a trip for dental treatment into a full-fledged vacation.

Then there are your personal interests…  are you a nature enthusiast? Then maybe you would like to witness a Costa Rican natural phenomenon for yourself!

If you visit us from August to December, October being the best month, you may witness the Olive Radley’s and Kemps Sea Turtles mass nesting in what we call “arribadas” (this translates to “arrival” in English). Tens of thousands of sea turtles lay their eggs in a single night at Ostional Beach, prompting the creation of the Ostional Wildlife Reserve to protect one of the world’s most important nesting sites.

Has whale watching been on your bucket list?  Interestingly enough, you can watch Humpback whales nearly year-round because they migrate from colder to warmer waters during each hemisphere’s winter season (December in the northern hemisphere, and June in the southern hemisphere). You can check out Costa Rica Whale and Dolphin Watching to find information on when and where to watch whales in Costa Rica.

You may be wondering: when is the best weather? Costa Rica’s dry season is from December to April. It is also the most expensive time to travel, especially in December. The rainy season is from May to November, with October being the least expensive time to travel.

‘High’ or ‘peak’ season comes with more expensive air travel and lodging, yet you get to enjoy the sunniest times. ‘Low’ season is still just as beautiful. Most of the time it will be sunny for half of the day and rainy for the other half. In the rainy season, everything will be green and you will save quite a bit of cash. During December and Easter, you can expect a lot of crowds, for most people are enjoying their holidays; on the other hand, October is a great time to visit the Caribbean. During this time, there is a decrease in the amount of rain the coast receives.

But if touring around Costa Rica isn’t your priority, then any time is a good time to travel for dental treatments. You will enjoy excellent quality and reasonable prices all year round! For more information about how we can help you achieve your dream smile, call 1-866-828-2871 to speak to our patient coordinator.