Why Costa Rica is an easy destination

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Why Costa Rica is an easy destination
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Many first time visitors are nervous to go to an unfamiliar place, and have a lot of questions. This is totally normal! Costa Rica is very tourist-friendly, so there is nothing to worry about.

More than 3 million tourists visited Costa Rica in 2019, with over half of them coming from the US. That’s quite amazing for a country with a population of only 4.5 million people. Given the fact that tourism is such an important part of the Costa Rican economy, the country is set up to make sure we can make life as easy and comfortable as possible for those who visit us.

So, why is Costa Rica such a popular destination? Well, apart from the beauty of its nature, the great hotels and the glorious weather, it’s also a really easy destination for tourists to visit. Here’s why:

It’s easy to get to:

Costa Rica is a 3-4 hour flight away from most places in the US and given how popular the country is for American tourists, there are more than 100 flights a week from the US meaning prices are affordable and visitors get lots of choice of when and where to fly from. Costa Rica is served by all of the major US airlines including American, United, Delta, Southwest, JetBlue, Spirit and Alaska .

It’s safe…so safe that it doesn’t even have an army:

Nestled between Nicaragua and Panama, Costa Rica is unique in the region because it has no standing army and has had no civil wars. In the 2020 Global Peace Index, Costa Rica is ranked 32 out of 163 countries when it comes to overall peace – higher than the US and the UK. In Central America and The Caribbean overall, Costa Rica is ranked the number one most peaceful country in the region out of 12. Visitors feel safe and the security of tourists is one of the government’s main priorities.

Most Costa Ricans can speak English:

Given the importance of tourism to the country and the high standard of education, many Costa Ricans speak excellent English. In fact, the English is so well spoken that many US companies including Amazon, HP, Proctor & Gamble, Intel and many others have large operations based here serving their customers in the US

Costa Ricans are really friendly:

Costa Ricans, who are known as ‘Ticos’, are very friendly and welcoming. Since tourism is such an important part of the country’s economy, many Costa Ricans are very hospitable. Ticos are also extremely polite and will often go to great lengths to avoid directly saying no to people, which can be a little confusing for some tourists! Ticos are also typically very patient and tend to take things easy.

No need to change your money – US dollars are widely accepted

While the Costa Rican ‘Colon’ is the official currency, the US dollar is widely used and accepted here so there’s no need to worry about changing your money into a different (and confusing) currency!

STAR Dental offers a full concierge service, taking the stress out of your visit

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