Why delaying your treatment could cost you more in the long-term

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Why delaying your treatment could cost you more in the long-term

Our team of Specialists at Star Dental Implant Center, Costa Rica, know it can be unnerving to hear from your dentist that you are in need of restorative dental work. It can often seem easier to ignore the problem and delay your treatment but this may lead to bigger problems in the long-run.

A recent survey of more than 1,000 adults conducted by ORC International reported that more than one in three American adults (36%) has delayed or will delay dental care due to lingering fears about their current financial situation. In addition, consumers are making that decision despite understanding the long-term implications: more than 80% indicated that they knew that delaying dental care would cost them more in the long run.

The majority of dental problems only get worse with time. This means that even though you may not be in pain today, the chances are that you will eventually be in pain if you choose not to fix the problem, plus it is likely that the treatment will become more costly as the situation will have deteriorated further.

We understand that committing to treatment can seem daunting especially if it involves traveling to a different country. The Star Dental team will work with you to help you overcome your fears and find treatments that can fit your budget. We are the leading clinic in the region focused on restorative dental procedures for US patients and welcome the opportunity to restore your smile and transform your life. Our Patient Coordinator is here to guide you through the process and take all of the worry & hassle out of booking your treatment. Our team of US-trained dental specialists work with patients like you on a daily basis – we guarantee our work and know that restoring your smile will transform your life.

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