Will anyone be able to tell I have Dental implants placed?

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Will anyone be able to tell I have Dental implants placed?

Dental implants are a great way to replace your missing teeth or those in poor conditions that have been extracted or will be extracted.

Dental implants, the “screws” are used as roots to replace your teeth, this means they are beneath your gum lines, within your bone. They would not be visible.

What would be visible would be the supported denture, bridges and crowns. This would be your new and beautiful teeth, your “pearly whites”.

Certainly everyone will notice for your new and beautiful smile completed with our state of the art clinic Star Dental Implant Center. However, no one would know if you have dental implants unless you would like to tell them or show them in an X-ray.

Star Dental Implant Center is a top clinic in Costa Rica specialized in the placement of dental implants and its restoration. We are proud to be able to help you not only regain your bite functions but recover your smile.

Dental Implants are two stage procedure, where you will have the implant placed as step one and then we will need to wait around 6 months for it to osseo integrate with your bone. This process is certainly needed for your implants to be able to withhold the pressure and the movements of your mouth, when you are eating, talking, smiling and all. However, don’t worry as part of the procedure, you will never be toothless. You will always have a beautiful smile.

After this process has been completed we will be able to complete your implants restoration with the final dental work on top of your dental implants.

This restoration can certainly help you not only restore your functions for eating, smiling, talking but will certainly help you overcome many small issues we never think necessary in our lives, like smiling in our family portraits.

We highly encourage you to contact us for more information. We will like to assist you in recovering your smile.

Email us today and let us know how we might be able to help you with your Dental necessities.