Full Arch Restoration Options

Dental Treatments:
From Prevention to Restoration

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3 on 6 Dental Implants

The 3 on 6 dental implant treatment uses 6 implants and three bridges to replace all of the teeth on the upper and/or lower jaw.

This treatment is for patients who have good bone levels in the jaw but the teeth are damaged and need to be extracted or have been lost for a brief period of time. With the 3 on 6 treatment we only replace the teeth and are able to use your own bone and gums. In contrast to the All-on-X which requires bone and gum tissue to be replaced due to bone loss. While this treatment allows you to keep your jawbone, bone grafts will be needed, increasing the healing period and delivery of the final teeth.

To determine which full arch restoration is best for you, your doctor will review the quality and quantity of your bone, as well as the size of your jaw.