STAR Dental Implant Process

1.Initial Call - 2.Preliminary Diagnosis - 3.Booking Travel - 4.Treatment - 5.Healing Process - 6.PermanentSmile
1.Initial Call - 2.Preliminary Diagnosis - 3.Booking Travel - 4.Treatment - 5.Healing Process - 6.PermanentSmile
Step 1


Initial Call: Preliminary Assessment

Your dental implant process starts with a call from our patient coordinator, who plays a pivotal role in comprehending your current dental condition and treatment goals. Our patient coordinator is a U.S. citizen who is responsible for assisting you with care-related queries, as well as any concerns regarding treatment, travel, or financing. Our aim is to establish a trustworthy relationship with you, which entails us learning about your priorities and allowing you to become familiar with us. We strive to help you make a well-informed decision about your treatment, and we recognize that this may be an unfamiliar experience for you, so we will guide you through each step of the process.

Step 2


Free Consultation: Preliminary Assessment

STAR Dental Implant Center will provide you a no-hassle, free initial assessment. For this, we will need a recent panoramic x-ray, a few pictures of your mouth, and your clinical history (if you have it – it’s good to have but not essential).

Our patient coordinator will then discuss with our doctors your dental history and goals for treatment, who will use this information to provide a preliminary treatment plan and estimated cost. You’ll then be able to compare our treatment plan against any quotes you have from U.S. clinics. We’re confident that we will be able to offer big savings even with the same premium materials and procedures.

Step 3


Booking your travel: Come on down

Once you are comfortable with the preliminary plan and we have answered any questions you may have, we will help you with your travel plans to Costa Rica. We can help with finding flights, hotels, ground transportation. We can even help you obtain your passport if you don’t already have one.

If you want to experience a Costa Rican adventure while you are here in our beautiful country, we can help to arrange tours to the Poas volcano, waterfall hikes, crocodile viewing, zip-lining, quad-riding, horseback riding on the beach or experience the local wildlife. Let us help you enjoy your time here with more than just achieving a beautiful smile.

Step 4


Dental Treatments

Once in Costa Rica, we will provide you with your final dental treatment plan after completing the 3D CBCT scan and clinical evaluation at our clinic. Our U.S. trained lead clinician will talk you through the plan step-by-step and answer any questions before we proceed. We promise to be transparent and honest when discussing your options.

Your treatment plan may call for individual implants or an All-on-Four or “hybrid” solution. Depending on your bone quality and quantity we may recommend a bone graft before implant placement – our oral surgeon can do this for you if necessary. Our team will then place individual implants to provide the anchor for your new teeth. Some patients will require extractions of damaged teeth before the implants are placed. If so, our team will do this for you but it could mean that more than one clinic visit may be required.

For treatments like the All-on-X, once the implants are placed, we will provide you with a temporary healing bridge of teeth which is meant to last a few months before your permanent bridge is placed.

step 5


About your Dental Healing Process

We will wait 3-6 months for the implants and jawbone to fuse together (this is the osseointegration stage, in which the bone forms around the implants), and make sure they are ready to support your final crowns or bridge of teeth. We will guide you on the do’s and don’ts during this stage so when the healing process is complete your implants are strong enough to support complete chewing function to ensure your new smile is truly permanent.


Post Procedure Checkups

To maintain your life-time warranty on your titanium implants, we will give you a guide on how to care for your new smile. We recommend a check-up six months after your final visit, and after that, you will want to receive an annual cleaning and x-rays. These can be done with your local clinician or we will be glad to see you again at our clinic.