Zirconia vs Acrylic Bridges: Which Is Right For You?

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Zirconia vs Acrylic Bridges: Which Is Right For You?

When you are choosing a dental implant provider, it is important to consider what materials they use in the production of your new teeth. The bridges of teeth for the All-on-4 can be made from two different material options; either zirconia or the acrylic hybrid. So what are the pros and cons of each?

The acrylic hybrid is the traditional bridge option for the all-on-four treatment– this option has teeth made of acrylic with a titanium bar inside the teeth to reinforce them so you can eat any food option you choose. However, acrylic bridges are similar to natural teeth in that they can break, chip, and stain with use and time. So they may need maintenance should you chip or crack a tooth, and they will most likely need to be retoothed every 5-7 years, as they will wear down as you use them to chew. Retoothing simply means that the acrylic is stripped from the titanium bar, the titanium bar is reused and new teeth are added. 

Zirconia is a ceramic material used as an alternative to the traditional acrylic hybrid bridge. It is ideal for dental use since it does not cause chemical reactions, is hypoallergenic and compatible with human tissue and has low levels of bacteria attraction. It also holds up well, as it is highly resistant to fractures, corrosion, and general wear. Because of this resistance to fracture and breakage, zirconia is the best material to use for patients who clench and grind their teeth. With proper oral maintenance at home and cleanings with your general dentist, this bridge can last the rest of your life.

Regardless of what material you choose, be sure to use a night guard to protect your teeth and implants from clenching and grinding. 

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